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Monday, July 2, 2012

World's Hardest Sudoku?

Arto Inkala has spent months making this puzzle. 11 stars. Nobody has solved it.


Shina Charles Memud said...

Is it on iPhone, can you please provide the link?

Miroslav said...

Logic won supercomputer

Using my Method I solved: “The world hardest Sudoku puzzle” in 58 minutes without guesswork. Before, I also solved AI Escargot in the same way and wrote about it to his publisher. The result is they offered that Dr. Inkala construct several most difficult puzzle for my book ( I have emails). I agree that the hardest one is not yet discovered.

Miroslav Balac, author books:
“Sudoku Don’t Do That” published
“Mystery of Sudoku” not yet published

marzolian said...

It's silly to say no one has solved it. Maybe nobody has done it by hand, on paper, but I'm sure that thousands of people have developed computer programs that solved it in seconds. (I'm one of them).

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